Our 7 axis CNC milling robot can be programmed to replicate or make almost anything,

using digital models to create identical 3D sculptures, to nearly any scale.


Models are typically produced in high density polystyrene and can range from sculpture enlargements or replicas,

to props or sets. It is possible to achieve an incredibly high level of detail,

especially when combined with our large format 3D printer.


The models can be resin coated & painted to be used as a one-off

or used as a pattern to make moulds from.


Depending on your requirements we can mill from Polystyrene, PU Modelling Board, or Wood.



S T U D I O 4 3  ,  M E O N  H I L L  F A R M  ,  S T O C K B R I D G E  ,  H A M P S H I R E  ,   S O 2 0  6 H S       

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